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September 2014

An AD!

For this month we are foregoing the usual instructive article in favor of announcing the availability of two recent publications.  (Actually, we did this last October also.)

Each of these books will be available at $5.00 (post-paid) which is below our cost.

The first of these new publications is:






This book is a verse-by-verse consideration of the one-chapter epistles of the New Testament:  Philemon, II John, III John, and Jude.  Each of these letters from three different Apostles is a little instructional gem for those who want to grow in Christian graces.  These epistles are rarely considered in their entirety; we usually just quote random verses from them when discussing other subjects.  But each was written with a specific problem on the mind of the writer, and considering the whole of the writer’s intention in each case is a great blessing for our understanding.



among the



This book deals with every Scripture on the topic — both Old and New Testaments.  The rules change when we pass from the Jewish Law to the Christian Age, and this book deals with all of the details of those changes.  We learn what is right and wrong for the consecrated Christian and how to deal with it in the Church when the rules are broken.

It is unfortunate that a book is needed on this topic, but lack of careful Scriptural consideration in our day has led many into misconceptions as well as incorrect actions.

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To obtain a copy of either or both of these publications, please email through this website or write us at:


New Albany-Louisville Bible Students

P O Box 197

New Albany IN  47151-0197

and enclose a check for $ 5.00 for each book ordered.




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