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January 2012




In the history of mankind there have been multitudes of gods. It is claimed that the Japanese have more than are countable! The ancient Greeks, likewise, had so many that they were afraid they might have missed one! Thus the Apostle Paul found a monument “To the Unknown God.” (Acts 17:23) He used the opportunity to introduce them to the one and only True God — Whom  they had missed.

The Romans built a temple to the plethora of gods they worshipped. It still stands today as an architectural marvel called the Pantheon.

Some gods were unseen; some were inanimate, like the sun, the moon, the wind, etc. Some gods were human, like the Pharaohs, the Emperors, etc. Even the Pope historically has considered himself a god on earth.

Among earth’s multitudes today, there remains an array of gods such as would astonish most of us. The Far East yet has worshippers of multitudinous gods. Islam worships Allah — originally a moon god as evidenced by the use of the crescent moon as a symbol atop mosques, on flags, and even on ambulances in Moslem countries.

Even apostate Christianity has invented its own tripartite god, inconsistent with all testimony of its own Scriptures.

The simple truth is, there is only one true God, the God of Israel, whose name is


—  YAHWEH  —


Sometimes English Bibles translate this name Jehovah. The King James Version Bible [KJV], for example, uses this translation four times.  (Exodus 6:3; Psalm 83:18; Isaiah 12:2; and Isaiah 26:4.) The KJV also uses compounded forms of it in Genesis 22:14; Exodus 17:15; and Judges 6:24.   Most usually, the King James Bible translates the word by using “LORD” in the Old Testament — using all capital letters, the first one larger than the last three.


—  AN ASIDE  —


As an important aside, it is helpful to know that the word “god” in the Bible is a very generic word. It does not always apply to God or even to spirit beings. The word simply means a “mighty one” — either in fact or in imagination. Thus, the word is applied to mighty men, to the devils, to prophets, to “gods” crafted by human hands (e.g., images, statues, etc.), to Jesus, and even to Christians. But our subject is more specific:

The world is and always has been overcrowded with “gods” — the fictitious imaginations of men’s minds which have influenced their behaviors and their entire lifetimes. But the day is soon coming when “the knowledge of the LORD (Yahweh) will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah 11:9) This ensures us that today we are at the time which might aptly be called The Twilight of the Gods — the very last days when men will continue to be duped and held captive to all false gods and religions.




Yahweh is a form of the Hebrew verb TO BE, or TO BE BEING, or TO BE BECOMING. The “- ING ” ending is important. In English we use - ING on the ends of words to indicate a continuance — something from the past, yet happening, and progressing into the future. Thus our God named Himself (for our benefit) by saying that His name means ‘I AM BECOMING.” It is a wonderful name. It is full of explanations of the past, interpretations of the present, and promises for a wonderfully creative future. It is an ENDLESS name for an ETERNAL and ETERNALLY CREATIVE God.

Yahweh is too big to be contained by an ordinary name.  His qualities, attributes, purposes, and His infinity of knowledge would only be diminished by any name smaller than “I AM BECOMING.”  The entire world, so long held hostage by irrational and limited religious concepts, will be ecstatic to know and be under this ultimate God.  As is expressed in Isaiah 25:9, the sentiment of an awakened and enlightened race of humans will be:

“Lo!  THIS is our God! 

We have waited for Him…

This is YAHWEH…

We will be glad and rejoice in His salvation!”



     I AM THE LORD” —


God is a “jealous” God.  (Exodus 34:14)  While jealousy is a bad trait in men, it is a treasured trait in God.  He is jealous over us and about us.  This means that His PERFECT WISDOM knows what is for our best eternally.  He, therefore, in His love, cannot abide the thought that we should remain turned aside or led astray by erroneous concepts that would harm us.  His jealousy does not come from insecurity as does ours, but it comes from omniscience and is directed ONLY for our welfare.

When we read prophetic texts which declare horrible events yet to come (such as in Ezekiel 38),  we are met with the assurance that God has foreknown and permitted these events for the one ultimate goal that we all “shall know that I am the LORD.”  This particular phrase, and others similar to it, appear multitudes of times in the prophecies.  God is assuring us that there will be nothing better than the destruction of all false-god concepts and the exaltation of the only one and true God.




Only some in Israel and a small minority of Christians have had any clear concept of who God is.  Even at that, many Jews over the centuries have functionally ignored the understanding provided for them; and many Christians, who understood that their God is the same as Israel’s have allowed this concept of our overwhelmingly great God to become diminished and restricted.  In short, God has been hidden!  (Psalm 89:46; Psalm 10:1; Isaiah 45:15)  But that, too, He will use for good, ultimately.  (Psalm 76:10, KJV) 

In our current society, where it has become fashionable to make everyone comfortable with whatever he believes or doesn’t believe, all kinds of untrue and destructive platitudes are given credence.  For instance, some will claim that Allah is the same god as Christianity’s god.  There is no basis for such a claim.  Any comparison of Allah’s teachings to those of Yahweh or of Jesus will immediately reveal that there is nearly nothing in common.  Allah is an updated moon god whose twilight is now at hand.  But, likewise, the trinitarian heresy is about to meet its doom.  The true God has remained hidden in the background ever since the fall in Eden.  But the light soon to be revealed from Him will also reveal Him and His Son, Jesus, in their glorious and true light.

When we pray, “Thy Kingdom come,” we are requesting the demise of all error, of all that hurts or offends.  We are praying for the end of our misunderstandings, the enlightenment of our darknesses, the dissolution of our false religions, oppressive governments, and corrupt social norms.  The prayer is soon to be answered; but we must not fret when it means The Twilight of the Gods which we have set up for ourselves over the last several millennia.  These false gods are all about to fall on their faces!  But it will be so good that we will fall on our knees in praise of it all.


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