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October 2009

The Bible On One Page!


No!  We don’t mean a radical “Reader’s Digest” version.  Every word of the Bible is too important to allow the omission of a single word.  But, YES, we do mean that it is possible to diagram the Bible and its grand message on a single sheet of paper.

The thoughtful and incredibly enlightened efforts of Bible Students in the 19th Century actually resulted in “The Chart of the Ages”—a one-page diagram of Biblical contents accurately and inspiringly showing past, present, and future as taught in the Holy Scriptures.

II Peter 3 is the Biblical basis for such a chart.  Peter speaks of (1) “The world that then was” (before the flood), (2) “The heavens and the earth which are now,” and (3) “The new heavens and the new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.”  The Apostle Paul

(II Corinthians 12) seems to confirm this three-part concept when he refers to his vision of the “third heaven.”

Other scriptures point to divisions of these three major time periods.  For instance, Amos 3 points to an age during which God only dealt with Israel—a “Jewish Age.”  Revelation 20 points to a thousand years during which Christ is to reign to accomplish the “Restitution of all things” (Acts 3:20-23)—a “Millennial Age” or “Messianic Age” during which Satan will be bound.

Jesus even points to smaller time divisions in God’s plan when he speaks of a “Harvest” at the end of the “Christian Age” or “Gospel Age.”  (Matthew 13:39, 30)  He does likewise when he indicates a “little season” at the end of the Millennium.  (Revelation 20:3)

Not only does the Bible thus suggest various time periods (large and small) in the progression of God’s plan, but it also suggests various CONDITIONS or groupings of mankind during parts of that plan.  For instance, Jesus mentions the vast majority of mankind, not yet extricated from the “BROAD WAY” of destruction which ends in the grave.  (Matthew 7:13)  Yet, in his day, a new or NARROW WAY was opening up for his disciples leading them to a special life in the “first resurrection.”  (Revelation 20:6; Matthew 7:14)  He does not mention the “HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS” prophesied by Isaiah (35:8-10) because it was not yet available.  But it is destined to be operative in the Millennial Age so that all who have died on the “BROAD WAY” and are awakened from their graves can then have the opportunity of following the “HIGHWAY” to life eternal.

In short, the point is this:  the Bible draws word pictures.  We can transfer these ideas into visual pictures so that our instruction in holy things can be greatly enhanced.  Correctly dividing the “Word of Truth” (II Timothy 2:15) eliminates most problems which some people might consider inconsistencies or contradictions.  The “CHART OF THE AGES” is such a help—virtually THE BIBLE ON ONE PAGE.  It is included in a wonderful book entitled THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES.  It is yours free for the asking. 

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