Article of the Month

October 2013


The famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns, ends one of his wonderful poems with the observation that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray.  The Article of the Month for January, 2008, which bears the same title as this one, promised the near-publication of REVELATION SIMPLIFIED (Relatively Speaking!)  Well, “near” was not so “near” as we thought!  But the time has arrived when we now can announce the availability of this book.  

Many people have an inclination for curiosity about this final and very prophetic book of the New Testament.  And while we cannot dissuade curiosity, we can advise that Revelation was not written for curiosity or for sensationalism.  It was written for instruction and edification of true and sincere disciples of our Lord Jesus.  Its very first verse says that it was written “to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass.”

The Book of Revelation has been the object of, at the very least,  poor interpretation.  More frequently it is a tool for raving “preachers” with nearly insane representations of what it is supposed to be saying.  But it is a book of symbols, not of fear-creating promises of literal dragons, beasts, and what-nots!  Again, in its very first verse, it is pointed out that Jesus had it “SIGNIFIED.”  “Signified” means put into signs or symbols.  When this is not recognized, interpretations of this book fall into the category of the bizarre, the weird, the impossible, the absurd, the unbelievable, and the irrational.

REVELATION SIMPLIFIED is dedicated to a simple, rational, historically accurate, and prophetically sane interpretation of this great prophecy.  It is not a detailed “proof” of interpretive conclusions.  That would make it NOT SIMPLIFIED!  Instead, it is a presentation of the ideas contained in Revelation set in a format which might lend itself to “bedtime reading.”  This is not to say that REVELATION SIMPLIFIED is watered down.  It is not.  It is potent and complete.  But it is constructed to take the fear out of approaching Revelation.  

It removes symbolisms and replaces them with literal statements.  It presents Revelation in digestible segments — as a series of “sight-seeing tours.”

Who should want to use this new book?  It should be found enjoyable and helpful to several groups:

(1) Those who “fear” the complexities of Revelation should find that this work quickly sets those fears aside and makes Revelation feel relatively comfortable.

(2) Those who have just about no knowledge of Revelation should find this work informative in giving them an overview about a book on the tongues of a great many people.

(3) Those whose exposure to Revelation has made them set aside all consideration and discussion of it, because what they have heard has seemed like so much nonsense, should find a refreshingly new perspective.

(4) Those who feel they know Revelation well might also enjoy this work as it will give a whole new avenue of ideas for their consideration, or it will refresh their perspective by its simplicity.

(5) Those who just sincerely want to delve into this most difficult of New Testament writings for the first time should find in REVELATION SIMPLIFIED a book which feels like a friendly companion on an unknown journey.

REVELATION SIMPLIFIED is 220 pages in length.  
You may obtain a single copy, post-paid, for $ 9.50.
With postage, this is below our cost.

To order, please print clearly your request, and send to:

P O BOX 197
NEW ALBANY  IN  47151  0197

May the Lord richly bless your studies.


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