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March-April 2009

 A Christianity That Has Lost Its Way


Oh!  The joy that filled the hearts and minds of the early disciples when they realized they had found the Messiah! They were too early in their expectations that he would set up Israel as a dispensary for blessings for all the families of the earth, but they were not wrong in their expectations.  (Acts 1:6; Genesis 22:15-18; Matthew 6:10; Isaiah 2:1-4; Ephesians 1:9, 10)

Unlike the narrowness of concept of most religions of their day (and even of Christianity in our day), these disciples saw in Messiah the hope of the world—the whole world.  Messiah’s purpose was to bless, not selectively, but universally.  Unfortunately, over the centuries, the disciples of Jesus have fallen into the same demon-inspired lies as those held by the heathen religions. (Revelation 18:2-5)  Christianity has become exclusive instead of inclusive—narrow, instead of visionary.  It has made God out to be either a fiend or a power-deficient weakling who saves a select few, and condemns the rest of His creation to an eternity of misery.  How absurd!  How unlike the true God and the Messiah which made the early Church joyous!

Dear Christian or seeker of truth, do you not long for the truths that make the heart leap with gladness while they satisfy the questions of the most rational minds?  Stop and ask yourself if you have a spirit content with narrow views which favor one group of mankind above another.  At most, Christianity is a minority religion.  If adherence to it now in this life is the only means of salvation, then salvation is a failure.  Additionally, Christianity is divided among fiercely divergent sects and viewpoints, nearly all of which are narrow-minded and pleased to condemn others.  Is the God you want like this?  If so, you will be pleased to stay where you are and to be content with a vision which is no vision at all.  But if you have a heart, a love, a vision which is big enough, you must want more.  (Revelation 18:4)

Despite the parochial views of most religions, the great God of the Universe, Who deserves worship for His magnificent plan, purposes, and character, will soon establish His rule and authority in the earth to bless ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH—INCLUDING those who now may not believe in anything (or, perhaps in insulting falsehoods). 

(I Timothy 4:10)  This earth will be an eternal-life-sustaining paradise for mankind—including, by resurrection, all who have died.  And those few who have had the opportunity for faithful and devoted service to Messiah will be with him as the promised seed of Abraham which will be the blessers of all on earth.  (Galatians 3:29)

Dear, sincere Christian friends, Rise Up from the doldrums of despair created by the sinister and erroneous doctrines which have been attached to and have hidden true Christianity.  Find others who have done likewise, and rejoice with them in having found the TRUE Messiah.   Proclaim His marvelous character and plan to the few yet who might hear before the completion of that blessed Church, Abraham’s seed, so that the blessings will begin to flow to this poor, sick, and weary world.  Isaiah 14:7

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