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May 2013




It seems natural that most of us would answer an emphatic “NO!” to this question. But, unfortunately, there are large numbers of the earth’s population who would answer with a vigorous “YES!”


The news programs are full of reports of “extremists” and “radicals” who truly believe that their god fully approves of, sanctions, and even actively promotes terroristic acts. While the investigations are yet in their sketchy stage, it seems that the Boston Marathon incident is only one of many such examples.


All of the warped thinking comes from the inner belief that God (whichever god) is not capable of taking care of His own affairs. No one, of course, would state it in these words, but that is exactly what it comes down to. It is not peculiar to such religions as Islam, Shintoism, Hinduism, etc., etc.; it also has infected segments of Christianity from time to time. Some adherents of these religions convince themselves that, since they cannot see their god taking direct control, he must want THEM to do his work for him. And, unfortunately, that work always seems to be, “Kill the heretics, the infidels, and anybody who doesn’t see things the way you do.” To make this unfortunate blasphemy work, there are always attached the grand promises that the more damage the adherents inflict, the greater their reward will be in the afterlife.



This website has dedicated itself to a constant criticism of poor doctrine and to a presentation of the edifying doctrines consistent with a truly great God. This is not because we enjoy criticism, but because we realize the demoralizing and dangerous effects of poor doctrine. Terrorism is the most obvious of these effects. But others include wars, hatred, ostracism, and personal depression. The offspring of poor doctrine are poor character and poor decisions. 


Christianity has not been exempt. Its history has included, for instance, the great Inquisition during which the vicious and sadistic tortures of individuals were not only sanctioned by “the church,” but were carried out by its clergy! It was a purely Satanic episode in history. But WHY was it done? Some might conclude that it was an attempt to maintain the exclusive POWER held by the Roman church. While it was that, it was believed in and carried out because of ERRONEOUS DOCTRINE. Since “the church” taught that heretics would forever burn in the tormenting flames of hell, it was considered a KINDNESS to these heretics to subject them to horrendous tortures for a “short time.” This, they reasoned, would bring them to repentance and SAVE THEM from an eternity of worse torture! Oh! How men can deceive themselves.


Thus we see that the unscriptural and wrong doctrine of eternal torment resulted in some of earth’s worst moments — all in the name of a God who never even thought of such things! [See Jeremiah 7:31; 19:5; 32:35; Isaiah 29:13.] Erroneous doctrine is DANGEROUS. But it should not be stamped out with violence! It should be eradicated with reason. Because we are imperfect, of course, this will not work. This is why the day is now dawning in which the one true God will manifest Himself, stop the carnage, and say, “Be STILL, and know that I am God.” [Psalm 46:10] This is the event and the moment which all humanity desires, and longs for, and somehow feels down deep. [Romans 8:19, 22] Their response will be, “Lo! THIS is our God! We have waited for Him!” [Isaiah 25:9]


Then there shall be no more wars. [Isaiah 2:3, 4] There shall be no more ignorance. [Jeremiah 31:34] There shall be no more tears, sorrow, or even death! [Revelation 21:3, 4] Is it any wonder that the best known, though least understood, words of prayer ever uttered are “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done in earth”? [Matthew 6:10] THAT moment is even now at the very door of mankind’s future!


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