Article of the Month

June 2008

It's Coming!



“Thy Kingdom come” our Savior taught us to pray.  It’s coming!


The very pangs of birth of the new world are all about us.


The clouds of our troubles tend to obscure our hopes and our vision. But it’s coming!

Matthew  6:12



I Thess. 5:1-6


Matthew 24:30


Regardless of who we are; regardless of what we have been taught; regardless of the seemingly fruitless efforts of our leaders; somehow we all feel it deep within us.  There IS something better.  There must be!  And the insatiable hopes within us keep yearning for it.  There IS a “desire of all nations,” and it’s coming!

Romans 8:19
Haggai 2:7


We vaguely know what its qualities will be.  It’s not that we’ve reasoned on it.  It’s not that it’s been explained.  It’s not even that it’s from holy books, because it dwells deeply in the psyche of all; and we all know or hope that it is coming.  Most await it in ignorance, but they DO await it!

I Cor. 2:6-10


It will be a time wherein “the inhabitant shall not say, ‘I am sick.’”


It will be a time when “the earth shall yield her increase.”

It’s coming!

Isaiah 33:24 



Ezekiel 34:27


It will be a time wherein “the inhabitant shall not say, ‘I am sick.’


”It will be a time when “the earth shall yield her increase.”


It will be a time when “they will not learn war any more,”

when “of the increase of…peace there shall be no end.”


Security will be perfect:  “One shall not build and another inhabit.”


Everyone proverbially shall rest and eat “under his own vine and fig tree.” 


The “desert places will blossom like the rose.”


And all of this abundance will be available for the asking.  It’s coming!

Isaiah 33:24


Psalm 67:6

Isaiah 2:4

Isaiah 9:7

Isaiah 65:22

Micah 4:4


Isaiah 35:1, 2


Rev. 22:17


And we must not dream too small! 


Death itself shall die!  The earth is heavy with the dead of many millennia.  They, too, shall live again, returning to a time which will restore all that had been lost—a time of joy and gladness when sorrow, sighing, and death will flee away.


From each character will be erased the corrupting traits which have made mankind into the decrepit creatures we have become.  “The old man shall return to days of his youth!”

Isaiah 25:8

Rev. 20:14
Acts 3:21


Isaiah 35:10



Job 33:25



The whole world will proclaim, “THIS is our God!  We have WAITED for Him!” 


It will make no difference what gods or lack of God have  been in their lives.  All will immediately recognize the God of their Hopes.  Reality will erase prejudice.  Circumstances will destroy errors.  Joy will destroy fear.


Progress in righteousness will destroy death.  It’s coming!

Isaiah 25:9



I Tim. 4:10

Isaiah 11:9

Isaiah 14:7

Isaiah 35:8-10


“The government shall be upon his shoulder.” 

Even the forces of nature will conform.

“The wolf will dwell with the lamb,” and “He maketh the storm calm.” 

“Nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all His holy realm.”It’s coming!

Isaiah 9:6

Psalm 107:29

Isaiah 65:24, 25


To those whose vision can pierce the clouds of today’s troubles, it is clear that the promised time is arriving now. 


“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the presence of the Lord. 

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored. 

He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword! 

Our King is marching on.”


“In the days of these (current) kings (of earth), the God of heaven is setting up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed.” 


“Thy Kingdom come!”  It IS coming!

Isaiah 11:7



Daniel 2:44


“Be still and know that I am God!

I will be exalted among the nations.

I will be exalted in the earth!”

Psalm 46:10


I will “prepare a lavish banquet

for all peoples in my mountain (kingdom);”

I will “swallow up the covering (death)

which is over all peoples.”

I will “swallow up death for all time,

and wipe tears away from all faces.”

Isaiah 25:6-8

 It IS coming!

Pray for it.