Article of the Month

July 2010


Our poor world is suffering from so much lately.  The Gulf of Mexico is seriously threatened by the oil.  The Gulf Coast residents may, indeed, lose their livelihoods and way of life.  Political parties which used to find workable compromises now seem only able to find extreme positions from which they refuse to move toward center.  Islamic terrorism seems only to be on the increase, adding to the expenses of the nations whose economies cannot afford on-going wars.  Financial instabilities threaten us with long-term high unemployment.  We all know the list.  It just seems to grow longer and longer.

People in general are frustrated if not viciously angry.  They blame anyone and everyone for their woes—even when blame is sometimes not justified.  But that is the point.  There seem to be no solutions, and people just can’t seem to adjust to the thought that we are incapable of correcting what is wrong.  They still have faith that the right leaders or policies will save them. 

While it may seem strange to say so, God wants us to get to the end of our wits.  He wants us to see the wisdom of our wise men perish.  (Isaiah 29:14)  He wants us to see that wealth and power, and their accompanying selfishness are conditions that will eat our society to destruction.  (James 5:1-8)  He will allow the increasing anger until He sees fit to restrain it.  (Psalm 76:10, King James Version)

Why would God want conditions to so deteriorate?  He wants it because He has something better to offer.  He wants the government to be on the shoulder of Jesus so that it really works!  (Isaiah 9:6, 7)  But God knows well—and knows us well enough to know—that until we acknowledge our failures and our weaknesses and our inabilities to handle matters without His help, we will always be in danger of not listening to Him to our own detriment.

The fact is that there WILL BE Divine intervention in the affairs of men—total and irrevocable control by God so that we will live in perfection and peace for eternity.  We pray for it when we pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done IN EARTH.  (Matthew 6:10)  But we have not yet believed our own prayers.  We are not yet ready to let God rule.  Until we are, He will continue to let our pride in our own society, our own powers, and our own wisdom get us deeper and deeper into trouble—until the day we utter the prayer in sincerity and in faith.  It won’t be long now.  The trouble will get so bad so fast that we will finally give in.

— The Restoration —

In Old Testament times the nation of Israel perpetually allowed power and debt to become unbalanced.  So God wrote into their law the Jubilee system.  Every 50 years Israel restored the possessions and liberties having been lost by individuals and families over the period.  (Leviticus 25:8-17)  This was done as a type or picture or prophecy of what God planned for the whole world.  (Hebrews 10:1)  In Acts 3:20, 21, the Apostle Peter explains that this antitypical Jubilee, ”The Times of Restoration of all things,” was prophesied by all of God’s holy prophets.  That is how important the concept is to God.

The Jubilee began with the blowing of trumpets to announce the Jubilee year throughout the land.  The United States’ liberty bell quotes Leviticus on the bell:  “Proclaim liberty throughout the land.”

The horrible troubles we currently see, along with the loud outcries of earth’s inhabitants, ARE the prophetic trumpet, the ringing bell.  People everywhere are shouting and demanding liberties and justice and honesty.  The antitypical Jubilee Year has begun.  God will give the instructions for the restoration of life and rights beginning at the moment He intervenes.  Could there possibly be anyone who will not rejoice and prosper from the results?  Oh, yes.  There will, no doubt, be grumblings from those who lose undue wealth and power!  But, in the long run, can even those complain when they realize they are exchanging ill-gotten wealth and abusive power for eternal life, health, peace, and joy?  We think not.

Hold on!  We are at the very door of a most lovely and precious future. 

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