Ghosts, Demons, Fallen Angels,
Spiritism, Etc.


While this subject always has been important, it is more so in these last days when prophecy promises that evil spirit forces will be especially active.  (Revelation 16:14)


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The subject of spiritism begins in the age when the Garden of Eden was formed and man was placed there.  We learn from Ezekiel 28:11-16 that Lucifer (later Satan), here under the symbolic title of "King of Tyre," was placed in charge of man’s original paradise home.  He was the "anointed cherub" that protected that new creation of God on earth.  It seems that other angels worked with him (here symbolized as "stones of fire"—brilliant jewels).  Lucifer was perfect and beautiful at the time until (Isaiah 14:13, 14) apparently he let his commission go to his head and, thus, "iniquity was found in" him.  (Ezekiel 28:15)  He was dismissed from his charge and thrown out in disgrace.  (verse 16)


Some 1600 years later we find that other angels also were losing their honor.  They "kept not their first estate but left their own habitation."  (Jude 6)  These words are the Apostle Jude’s way of describing briefly what happened in the days of Noah.  Peter comments on the same occurrence.  (II Peter 2:4, 5)  He points out that these angels fell from honor ("sinned") in Noah’s day and were confined to "TARTAROO" (not "hell").  This word (borrowed by Peter from Greek mythology) refers to the earth’s atmosphere.  Peter shows that those fallen angels were captive (chained) in the earth’s environs, and restricted to "darkness"—working in secret, hidden, mysterious ways until the Lord’s day—the 1000 years of judgment of Christ’s Kingdom.  (II Peter 3:7, 8)


What did these angels do that condemned them to this fate?  Peter’s reference to Noah’s day gives us the answer.  In Genesis 6 we learn that when mankind was beginning to populate the earth in significant numbers, these angels ("sons of God") apparently were impressed by the procreative powers of humanity.  These angels materialized to look and function like men.  This is what Jude meant by their leaving "their own habitation."  They did not belong on earth functioning in their materialized state as men.  They were giants, perhaps physically, but certainly intellectually and powerfully, among the death-condemned and fallen race of Adam.  Perhaps they thought they actually were helping humanity by infusing life into the race.  After all, it was only Adam’s descendants who were condemned to die.  (I Corinthians 15:21, 22)  These fallen angels had children with the women of the human race.  These children also were giants like their fathers.  But this hybrid race was illegitimate and wicked.  God determined to exterminate it by way of the flood.  Noah was chosen to be saved because he and his family were not contaminated.  He is said to be "perfect in his generation."  (Genesis 6:9)  While the hybrid race perished in the flood, the materialized angels did not.  They simply dematerialized.  This is when God, according to Peter, restricted them to the earth’s atmosphere, not permitted to materialize, but to function in the world of "darkness."  These, then, are the "demons" with which Jesus deals in his day.  (I Peter 3:18-20)


These demons, because they were not permitted to materialize (Luke 24:39), had to "possess" other beings in order to do things in the light.  Thus, for example, when Jesus cast them out of two poor possessed men, the demons begged to be able to possess a herd of pigs.  Jesus obliged, sending the poor pigs madly into drowning themselves.  (Matthew 8:28-32)


Since the first advent of Jesus, these angels have cooperated with Satan in acts of deception in order to deceive as many people as possible in an attempt to frustrate the development of the body of Christ.  Satan is said to transform himself "into an angel of light."  (II Corinthians 11:14)  Thus those deceived by his "truth" and "good works" are said to be "his ministers transformed as the ministers of righteousness."  (II Corinthians 11:15)  In this we have proof that good works are not enough to identify if something or someone is "of God."


The deceptions of Satan and his angels have, over the centuries, taken many forms including witchcraft.  Perhaps, however, one of the more convincing manifestations of their power has been the prevalence of GHOSTS.  There is an entire study of the "PARANORMAL" which has engaged (and deceived) many.  GHOSTS are the fallen angels unable to materialize, but able to become semi-visible (always in the "darkness").  They masquerade as departed human souls, thus enforcing Satan’s original lie, "Ye shall not surely die."  (Genesis 3:4)  Because these "ghosts" continually have inhabited our atmosphere since Noah’s flood, they have observed and remembered the details of our history.  When they present themselves as "the departed spirits" of our lost loved ones, they know all the details of these dead people’s lives and can convince many that they are, actually, those long-lost relatives.  Frequently, to make their point more believable, they "haunt" the houses of these dead people they counterfeit.  It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to become involved with these powerful spirit beings--even when they present themselves as "friendly."




The Scriptures have numerous warnings regarding increased activity by these forces of darkness in the "latter days"—Paul calls it "the evil day."  (Ephesians 6:12, 13)  It is likely that the demons are behind deceptions like current "gifts of the spirit." (See TONGUES AND OTHER GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT.


Jesus warns that some deceptions regarding his second advent would come from "the secret chambers" of spiritism.  (Matthew 24:26)  And since Jude states that the "everlasting chains under darkness" (Jude 6) are only until the "judgment of the great day," it is altogether possible that materialization will again be, or is again, a possibility (or likelihood) as the day progresses. (See LORD'S RETURN and JUDGMENT DAY.) We now are in that day when the old "heavens" (religious powers) and "earth" (socio-political order) are passing away with a great noise and fervent heat.  (II Peter 3:8-10)  It is now that demon activity should be on a marked increase.


It is not difficult to notice how television, books, and motion pictures (not to speak of the new internet) are full of stories about angels and demons.  Perhaps most insidious is that we are being primed to believe how so many "good angels" are ready and willing to materialize to come to our assistance.  The race is being brainwashed by the forces of unseen evil to prepare it for mighty deceptions.


Jesus’ secret presence (according to the best translation of II Thessalonians 2:9) is to be "accompanied by the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders."  These would be so strong, according to Jesus, that "if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."  (Matthew 24:24)  The Revelatory likens these false teachings to "unclean spirits...the spirits of devils, working miracles" gathering the world and its leaders to their final collapse.  (Revelation 16:13, 14)


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We can supply a booklet entitled SPIRITISM to those who might care to investigate this topic in more detail.  We caution, however, that morbid curiosity of these matters can be fatally dangerous.  Knowing the Scriptural truths, warnings, and prohibitions is VITAL, but involvement with spirit powers is deadly.


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